Bee the Movement
We exist to
Inspire Your Fire!

We have discovered only through
ART and daily aspiration
to the expansion
of awareness and consciousness
as our Lifestyle
can we leave a Legacy to make the Shift happen.
Imagine, if you could live your creative passion
and get paid, what you are worth…
By being the Movement and joining the Tribe, you can!
We believe in the Healing of Humanity
through ART and a Interconnection to Nature
Instead of fighting the System
we will bring the walls of Babylon down
through our strongest weapon:



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About us:
CoFounder of IbizaLifestyle Tv
and Ibiza Live Radio,
CEO of Yes Wow Ibiza,
Singer, Songwriter, Author....

Hey there....

We are Mikki and Q. We are Artistpreneurs, EcoFarmers, Creators, Dreamers and Digital Nomads.
Our base is on Ibiza, where we met each other
and started to dream and work together.
We want to share our story and our journey,
how we create our business and our dream life.
Let it be an inspiration for yourself,
as we can live our life really as we want,
you are able to do the same.
We discovered a lot of useful tools
for deep personal transformation and
studied and researched many different approaches
for the new movement of the future of work.
All our knowledge we are sharing with you on all our different platforms. We are here to empower you and to profit from our years of research,
so that you can also start to create and design your life!
The life you really deserve
and that makes you self-sustainable, creative and satisfied.
We want to share our creativity, music and LOVE.

Mikki Funk
CoFounder of IbizaLifestyle Tv
President of Yes Wow Ibiza,
Artist, Author, Filmaker
 Yoga Teacher....
Our Top Transformation Tools
The easiest spell to change your Life with, Now:
Yes Wow
"Yes Wow is the Artist's Bible of Selflove"
Kim, Musician, Israel
"I love your cards, they guide me everyday"
Victoria, Chef,Uruguay
True Love
"...delivered straight from the Heart"
Jinny, Writer, England
The Course of Self Love
From Breakdown to Breakthrough
"Taking the online course is like having Birthday and Christmas at the same is enriching my every day Life and my relationship with myself"
Stefanie, Coach, Berlin
Yes Wow Artistic Retreats
"The effect of the retreat was a lot deeper than I expected...and I think it's more effective than any regular therapy I tried!" 
Carljin, Artist, Netherlands
What People Are Saying:
"...Mikki has magic healing hands!"
I went deeper into my Yoga practise and kickstarted my creativity, I painted, which I didn't do for many, many,, Yes Wow!
Louise, Blogger, Sweden
"...from the beginning you gave me the feeling of:
Everything is possible"
My Yes Wow Journey started with receiving a card reading. Then I bought my own set, the books and the course. I even went for a retreat in Ibiza. I can only say, it changed my Life in so many ways, it empowers me and open new oppurtunities I never imagined...
Tanja,  Yoga Teacher, Austria
"You have given me the courage and reminder, that I am not powerless"
I have found the way out of my depression and feel again joy of life. For that I am infinitely grateful!
I wish, that as many people as possible find the way to their self-love.
The way of Yes Wow helped me a lot and I am convinced that it is also invaluable for other people.
Maren, Designer, Germany
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